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I love light furniture, clutter free living, and my home to look like a magazine spread. Oh and did I mention I have three children and a husband? I have gotten creative over the years and learned how to achieve the look I love in a home we can actually relax and live in. Your space has be to conducive to real life or you won't enjoy it.

With a few house rules and well thought out choices, it is possible to have refined adult spaces without worrying your kids will be in therapy because of it.

THE DESIGN process


I put a lot of time and thought into my concepts, the materials I cho0se, and all the elements that make up a remodel. This is not a rushed process and it gets tweaked and tweaked until the client feels comfortable. There are so many options and modifications that can be made. I am open to input and really strive to make my client's experience as stress free and smooth as possible.


Planning is everything. Quotes, cost, sheets, and a clear understanding of my fee is how I handle every single project. 75% of a project is about the concept, planning, and communication between myself, my client, and any tradesmen partaking in the project. It is incredibly time consuming but crucial. I couldn't do what I do without the quality tradesmen, vendors, and suppliers I work with.


When the construction phase of the project is complete, it's time for the fun part of pulling everything together based on the design plan. I'll place and style all of the furnishings and accessories and make your home magazine worthy. My signature style combined with a strong understanding of my client's personality, tastes, and lifestyle is reflected in each home I design.

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