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Bridget saved our house! Whether Murphy's Law shows up unexpectedly or you have a remodeling project in mind, Bridget is the right choice. After drooling over her before and after project photos, I reached out to ask if she could fit me in for a consultation. I was planning to finally remodel our bathroom within two years and wanted an idea of what to expect and how much I needed in the budget. Well not two days later our 84 year old bathroom started leaking, not only through our kitchen ceiling, but the sub ceiling we installed to cover our aged, water damaged plaster. It was scary and I was completely freaked out!!!  


I urgently reached out to Bridget and not five days later she and a contractor who not only specializes in older homes but also had done several jobs within a few miles radius of our home were standing in our house assessing the damage. Bridget insisted this contractor was the right fit for our situation. We talked about options to expand the bathroom to accommodate my dream glass walled shower, a soaking tub, and more natural light. I literally gave Bridget a few sentences to describe what I wanted and shortly after she scheduled a meeting to review concepts and materials. Customer satisfaction is so important to Bridget. I shared that my husband is a visual person so she adjusted the presentation of materials and layout in a way that he could wrap his arms around the concepts. That meant so much to me in addition to the fact that she nailed my personal tastes.  


In addition to her incredible interior design skills she is actually the general contractor who manages the project, any sub contractors, materials, budget, and timeline. She is the wizard behind the curtain! Bridget communicated every step to us and patiently addressed all my nervous nelly concerns. Don't let the fact that she shows up in a knock out dress and heels fool you because this woman is respectfully in command from start to finish. She delivered the shower light she promised would change my life, made extremely helpful suggestions such as installing recessed lights while the kitchen ceiling was ripped out, produced an outstanding product for the budget we had available, and completed the project ahead of schedule. This was a huge asset because we had to move out of the house to accommodate the renovation of our only full bathroom, two walls being moved in our bedroom, and replacing the kitchen ceiling.


If you want skill, confidence, and quality, I highly recommend Bridget Uberty. Her results speak for themselves!


Hiring Bridget to help us with our interior design projects was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. She is a joy to work with-intuitive about our taste and lifestyle, able to blend older pieces with new pieces, and very timely with her recommendations. After telling her what we’d like to change in our home, she brought over a few choices for us to consider and select from-such a relief from getting bombarded with options online and in stores! Her attention to detail is impeccable, even once recommending that we change our lightbulbs to improve the ambient color tones in our room. We’ve had the opportunity to see her results in a number of houses and they are all polished, thoughtful and transformative. She saved us time, money and stress and we absolutely love her and her work!


It is difficult to limit my review of Bridget’s work to a few sentences. She started by transforming my office in a medical building that was designed and built 20 years ago. I was so impressed that I asked her to redesign the downstairs of our 1930 English Tudor. 


Bridget was able to conceptualize a functional and ergonomic work space in our contemporary 20 year old medical office. What was once an oppressive, uncomfortable, closet-like office became my creative and peaceful haven where every square inch was thoughtfully crafted into an office that seems twice as spacious. Patients who have been coming to the practice for 20 years now walk by and comment on how beautiful my office is. Patients who are new to the practice walk by and compliment the color, the light fixture or the design of my space. I never brought patients into my office before – I would use another office in the building if I needed to meet with a patient. Now I proudly have reps and patients come in my office and needless to say – I am not the only one who finds the space tranquil and pleasing. What I selfishly love the most is that it is unique! She arranged the work to be done at times that were convenient for the practice as not to disrupt office hours. All of this and she came in under budget! 


Fast forward a year - after witnessing her talent at the office, we asked her to take a look at our home. We had a desire to update the downstairs of our English Tudor built in 1930. We bought the home in 2000 and we were long overdue for some updating. Bridget knew that I wanted a timeless look. I don’t like change, but the house is close to 100 years old and we still had the original wall paper in the dining room.    


I never would have taken the risks with colors, textures, fabrics, tiles and fixtures. I trusted her 100%. I didn’t want anything to look trendy. She was able to expand our kitchen with custom cabinetry and an eat-in banquette. Our formal dining room is unrecognizable. Our neighbors have walked by and asked to come in so they can take a look at what we had done. It even looked amazing from the outside looking in! We were able to rewire the antique sconces and chandelier which made me happy to keep the original fixtures. The 1st floor powder room is no longer a room a try to hide. It is stunning and functional!  It is amazing how the entire downstairs was brought together in the end. 


Had we tried doing this on our own, we would have spent twice as much on something that we would have liked half as much. If you have ever done work on your home in the past you understand how this can cause a little tension. There was no tension whatsoever! The stress that goes into this kind of project is sometimes insurmountable. With all of the work that was being done in our home and all of the decisions one must make while doing this - we never felt as if we were pressured to make a decision.  She always presented different options that allowed us to decide how much we wanted to spend. This eliminated a great deal of stress. We appreciate her attention to detail. Her honesty and integrity are second to none. I remember I panicked when I made a decision on a color of paint. She ended up coming over with larger samples and reassured me that it was the perfect choice and it was!  She was able to not only make our house a home – she made our house OUR home while preserving the character and integrity of this beautiful 1930’s gem. 


I have recommended Bridget to friends, family and colleagues!


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